Gain continual insight and income from your visitor data

Datomik collects visit level data from multiple publishers, anonymizes it, and inserts it into large data pools. The data pool is then analyzed to create custom segments that advertisers can use to target their campaigns across the web.

Collect user data

We help you to collect and analyze your user data in order to generate valuable insights about your audience’s behaviour, interests, and engagement.

Grow your revenue

With Datomik you monetize your visits, not your page views. Make more money on top of your traditional revenue streams.

Know Your Audience

We provide data-driven insight about your visitors that help you plan and produce content your audience is interested in.

How Does Datomik Work?

1. GATHER user data by partnering with publishers to analyze their audiences

2. ANALYZE combining different data sources and segmenting based on behaviour.

3. MONETIZE making the data available for targeting in programmatic campaigns.

Want to know more? We’d love to talk with you. Please contact Anna-Riitta:

+358 50 307 1985

+358 50 307 1985